Live Case Study Funnel Design & Build-Out by Neel Sarode

Live Case Study Funnel Design & Build-Out

Watch over the shoulder as I build out an entire landing page on ClickFunnels from scratch in under 2.5 hours.

See everything I do, from A to Z when designing the landing page you see on this page

In under 2 and a half hours, watch over-the-shoulder as I take a simple idea to a sketch, to a mockup, to a fully breathing landing page on ClickFunnels.

What's included?

Video Icon 3 videos File Icon 5 files

Live Case Study - Full Funnel Build

Live Case Study (Part 1)
45 mins
Live Case Study (Part 2)
45 mins
Live Case Study (Part 3)
58 mins
Mockup / Design Software
Photoshop Alternative
My Favorite PNG Repository
My Favorite Stock Photo Repository
Remove Backgrounds from Images Tool

By Neel Sarode

Hi! My name's Neel. I'm the Lead Designer at Bank Account Builders and have designed world-class funnels for multiple 2 Comma Club Members and multi-million dollar companies.

I am also the creator of Template Builder, an app that generates customized templates for ClickFunnels.