Proven Framework for Sales Pages

Header (E)

What exactly does your product / service do for customer? (Should be clear to user what exactly it is your product / service is in under 3 seconds)

Social Proof Logos (P)

Credible logo's / associations / awards you can leverage to give your brand credibility

Product Intro (E)

What does your product do for the customer? (High level)

Product Intro 2 (E)

Direct benefits the customer will experience when using your product / service (user focused)

Statistics for Edification (P)

Credible statistics and numbers that you can leverage to give your product more credibility

Social Media Posts (C)

Leverage customer social media reviews, comments, and messages

Customer Reviews (C)

Show on-site submitted reviews and testimonials (can never have enough social proof!)

Final CTA (E)

Make sure that after prospect has gone through your flow of information on your page that there is a final CTA, reminding them to take action on your product / service

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